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Full Name, Job: Tony Walters, artist
Morning activities:
10:00 am: get up, walk the dog,have coffee, read newspaper
11:00 am: start work
Afternoon activities:
2:00 pm: have lunch, wath the news on TV
4:00 pm: start work again
Evening activities:
6:00 pm: stop pinting, wash paint brushes
7:30 pm: have dinner with friends
11:30 pm: go to bed
How he feels: "I like the way I live. It makes me feel good"

Napisać Artykół (PLAN--> 1. imie, nazwisko i zawód. 2.zajęcia poranne. 3. zajecia popołudniowe 4. zajecia wieczorne 5. odczucia stylu zycia) o dniu Tony Waltersa według planu

Lucy morgan the star of the Tv show Down town has a very busy daily routine
Every day she gets up at 6;30 puts on her jeans and t-shirt and takes her two dogs for a walk. Sometimes she goes to the gym for a hour. She has brekfast at 8;30 after that she goes to the Tv studio. then there is a lot of trafic but I usually get there on time she says.Lucy starts work at 10;30
She works on the show until 1;00 then she has a half-hour lunch break in the canteen. after lunch she reads the scripts for the next show. She leaves the studio at about six o'clock.
Lucy meets her friends at about 6;30 at potter's and they have dinner together. She always goes home at 9;30 and listens to music before she goes to bed at about 10 o'clock. i love classicalmusic, she says. it's so relaxing after a hard day at work.
Lucy's lifestyle is really busy, but she enjoys every minute of it.

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Tony Walters is an artist. every day he gets up at 10 o'clock and he takes the dog for a walk. Then he has a coffee and he sometimes reads newspaper. Tony starts work at 11 o'clock.
He works from 11 to 2 pm and after that he has a lunch and then he watches the news on tv. At 4 o'clock he starts work again.
At 6 o'clock then he finishes his work Tony stops painting and washes paint brusches. After work he has a dinner with friends at 7.30. He goes to the bed at 11.30
Tony likes way he lives. It makes he feels good.

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