Pani kazała nam ułożyć dialog w sklepie. Mamy kupić buty lub spodnie. Należy także uwzględnić zwroty typu gdzie jest przymierzalnia itp. Niestety ma być długie. Na poziomie szóstoklasisty. Bardzo proszę o pomoc.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
-Good morning
-Good morning
-Can I help you?
-No thanks I'm just looking
* 10 minute later
-How much is this black shoes ?
-This shoes is fifty dolars
-It's a good bargain
-Where is a changing room ?
-Over there
* 5 minute later
-I need a bigere size
-Yes it's a good size
-If you pay in cash
-Do you accept a credit card
-Yes offcourse
-Thank you
-Good bye
-Good bye
- Good Morning
- Good morning, Can I help you?
- Looking for pants
- What size?
- It can be M
- Jeans?
- Yes, but black jeans.
- Of course, soon as I find. ..... Already found, Please.
- I can try?
- Of course, fitting the right side.
- Cute is, I want to buy them, how much I pay?
- $ 20.
- Please.
- Thank you, I invite you again.
- Goodbye, I hope to see more.
- Yes, bye.