The computer in my life.

In my opinion when it comes to the computer is different.
Therefore, the computer useful for things like good and bad.
Good because it helps children with homework, looking for something in the encyclopedia. To bad it is useful because many children spend time at the computer playing it. The computer is also useful for adults. It is useful as it helps them in their work. The computer is online, nothing wszystkiego.Komputer source may be good if we use it well. A bad when we do not use it in the manner which we should. So we need to know what a computer can be obedient.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
The computer is my life and I can't live without its. My father bought me it when I was 10 years old. Everyday I have to spend about 3-4 houres in front of the computer in order to be happy. I can't imagine how people in the old days could be not bored. They didn't have any TV and computer. I love searching information on the Internet when I don't know anything. I also like very much chating with other people and making other great things. It's very useful mechanism which gives me a lot of satisfaction. Generally I never switch off computer because I don't know when its may be useful. Sometimes my mother complain that I sit by the computer too long but I don't worry.
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