Witam, potrzebny mi jest list formalny<około 105 slow> na temat; dlaczego oglądanie telewizji jest złe ; i mam wypisane podpunkty
Tv encourages us to be lazy
It often gives us a trivial version of the news
We dont use our brains when we watch TV
Tv teaches young people that violence is always the best answer
i muszę to uzasadnic...



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
In my opinion TV doesn't encourage people to be lazy. People, under influence of TV, are becoming lazy. They choose that way of spending time because it doesn't need any effort to do it. It's happening because of the lifestyle nowadays, where people are workaholics and they have no time and power to do various activities.

I won't agree with the statement that TV often gives us a trivial version of the news. You need to be really inteligent and perceptive to catch news that is interesting for you. Also it's ) good to be alert, because television can manipulate us with ease.

When we are watching TV, we are only receiving information, our brain doesn't have to work. For example, when we are reading books, our brain works, because we unwittingly imagine the pictures in our head. So, it's true that we don't use our brains when we are watching TV.

Sometimes TV shows too much violence. But not always does it teach that violence is the best answer. Some of the channels offer nice programs without brutal violence. So again, it's our choice what we want to watch.