I woke up in the morning and sow a big whole in a place where my garden was like a field. Jeszce was very dark, m isię not want to get up, but unfortunately I had to. I had to help in the field. I eat a decent breakfast, bathe himself in, refresh, and I will dress for work. And when I rested myself, after a hard day's work. Once I left, it was quite clear, it been some time before I ate breakfast and dressed. But I have a lot of time jeszce, although I do not know how it will be because I have a lot to do, has made this unnecessarily hard work, but I wanted to earn, how could know that it will be such a path. Maybe ask someone for help and share the mid-earned money. I called after my best friend, said that I will be happy to help. It's good when he came here as a little byłzdziwiny will need to insert these Rava field, but it helped me, skończlismy after 6 hours, we were very exhausted, not even gave advice to get the house, so we lay on the grass and quickly fell asleep.