Odpowiedzieć na pytania:
1) How will life in the future?Will it be better?-jakie będzie życie w przyszłości? czy będzie lepsze?
2)Why will life be better or worse?-Czemu życie bd lepsze albo gorsze?
3)What is important for thr future?What must we do?-Co jest ważne w przyszłości?Co musimy zrobić?
4) What will be the consequences of these actions?-Jakie bd konsekwencje tych akcji?
5) Do you feel optimistic or pessimistic about the future?-Czy jesteś optymistycznie czy pesymistycznie nastawiony na przyszłość?
6)What will we be able to do and what won`t we be able to do?-Co bbd w stanie zrobić a czego nie?
Trzeba użyć takich wyrażeń: In my opinion, I think, It`s possible that, In general I feel, I believe that. Z góry dzięki:)



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1. Life in the future will be more comfortable than today.
2. The life will be better in the future because there will be so many useful gadgets for us.
3. We must learn well because it will be useful in the future, when will be probably new means of transport, computers etc.
4. I think people in the future won't go for a walk, but the air will be less polluted because of ecologyc petrol.
5. I think life in the future will be more comfortable, but our traditions will be extinct and our work won't be so important.
6. We will able to fly all over the world with new means of transport.

In my opinion life in the future can be different.Maybe it will be better and maybe it will be worse.Question:"Why will life be better or worse?" is...difficult.He will be better or worse from this or life in the future, our conduct depends in the present.For the future the most important thing is our behaviour.We have to be good for people, take for one's acts the responsibility and believe in dreams.We don't know that.We will be perceived through the world better.I feel optimistic.We clever will make different things, but we will not foresee the future in the state and to withdraw the time