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My dream job

In the future I would like to become the music and to establish own team. I have like to go concert tours and tour world.It's my dream work since I adore to play the guitar and I love the music.I has always wanted to feel as the star.



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In the future I would like to become the musician and establish own team. I would like go on my own concert tours, tours around the world. It's my dream and I adore singing. I would like to play the guitar too because I love music. I love singing and guitar playing. I always wanted to feel like a star.

In my future I'll go to university and I think I'll become a journalist.I'll probably get married and maybe I'll have two or three children.I hope to have enough money for a good life, but I don't think I'll be very rich.I think I'll have a house near the sea. TO MOJA PROPOZYCJA. TUTAJ NIE MA BŁĘDU! ZAPEWNIAM.