Look at the information below and complete sentences 1-5. Use the present perfect and SNICE, or a time expression in each sentence.

1. Mary (live) in New York for...
2. She (be) interested in yoyos .... 1996
3. She (compate) in competitions... she was a girl.
4. Her parents (travel) with her snice... .
5. Mary (know) Brad for... .

1990 Born in Michigan, USA
1992 Moves to New York
1996 Becomes interested in yoyos
2001 Parents start to travel to competitions
2003 Meets Brad at championship



1. Mary has been lived in New York for 18 years
2. She has been interested in yoyos since 1996
3. She has compated in competitions since she was a girl.
4. Her parents have traveled with her since 2001.
5. Mary has known Brad for 7 years