Tiger is on highest ecological pyramid predator stagnant horizontal level. It hunts any (every) animals dependently on largeness. Only adult,healthy rhinoceros and are been able to defend before its voracity salty forcefully, but nevertheless skirmishes happen among them but tiger. Tiger most eager hunts big it does not disdain young elephant or rhinoceros, which (who) has been removed from herd, happen it (him) kill crocodile < crocodile >, even big fishes, it ambushes for which (who) at coast. It hunts from concealment. Perfect hearing taking advantage and sight and for donation.
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Tigers are one of the dangerous mammals on the world. They are from cat familly Their weight is about 300kg and they are as big as bears. They live about 16 years. Tigers mostly eat meat.The tigers are an endangered species now because a lot of people like hunters kill tigers for their skin. In certain religion tigers have holy powerful like a God