Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
When I had my 12 birthday I think that his day will be such every different. When I got up all looked how normal day. I got up about 6 as usual, I went to bathroom to prepare to normal day in school. I ate breakfast and about 7,30 I went to school. In this day I had very much lessons, but for me they lasted unusually briefly. When I all finished I was very happy, that I can go to rest calmly to house. I went slowly because I did not have noes' plans onto evening. But when I approached already to house I felt anxiety. When I stood under doors from flat I heard odd sounds. I frightened myself, that this burglar, because it had to be nobody at home. I slowly opened doors. Then I saw myself my friends, which prepared me birthday party. I was very surprise and simultaneously very happy. I did not expect, that whenever someone will make me so great surprise. My peace looked incredibly, all was decorated. When everybody folded me of wish and they handed over me splendid presents we ate cake which they prepared especially for me. After eating of everybody od amazing dishes we chose onto walk after city. Crossing we decided merry towns to go on by one from roundabouts. We was on everybody roundabouts. When we did not have to go round straight further we decided to come back to house onto next dose of game already. When we came back we was already very tired but my friends of me did not disappoint to house. We play the foods to late in night so beauty of decorated peace. This amazing moments were. Last guests went out early in the morning. I was very tired but also happy, that I have such miraculous friends. This splendid birthdays were in my life. It was a great night and wonderful surprise. Good food, lots of drink and good friends.