1.imagine you have just been to the science museum summer exhibition.write a letter to a friend and tell hilm/her about your day. include the following information:
what the museum was like;
what you saw
what you did.

2.write a short note to a friend telling him/her that you want to meet in town to go shopping on saturday morning.include the following information:
what you want to do;
where you want to meet and when;
how long you want to spend in town.

z gory dzieki:)



Museum was very interesting.
I saw a lot of exciting arts and exhibits.
When I saw very funny monument I started laugh very loud.

Hello. Can we go shoping?
We can meet tomorrow's morning about 10 a.m at my home.
Can you save for me around three hours? I need a lot of time to find some clothes for me.
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