List: przed wyjazdem na stypendium ubiegaj sie o specjalne warunki zakwaterowania, przypomnij co zamierzasz studiowac w angli i kiedy rozpoczynasz studia, okresl najlepszy dla ciebie typ zakwaterowania i dlaczego , podaj w jakim okresie bedziesz korzystac z zakwaterowania oraz w jakim punkcie miejscowosci chcialbys mieszkac, przedstaw swoje prosby odnosnie wyrzywienia[2prosby]



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear Sir/Mandam,

as a student of University of Leeds in upcoming academic year I would like to ask you for a number of services, which I am going to need in my future course at the Univeristy in International Business.

First of all, as I am not living in the United Kingdom and it is impossible to me to find a private acommodation, I would like to apply for a place in the students's dromitory, preferably in the centre of the city as the Business department is situated in the very city centre as well. The exact date of begining of the academic year is 17th September 2010, and I predict to be at the place exactly at the date.

Another issue I would like to mention is the case of dieting at the dormitory - I am diabetic and I cannot eat food that countains sugars and fats, therefore I need to ask if there is a possiblity to order, or, if not possible, cook meals for just one person.

I hope you can help me with solving those matters,

Yours sincerely,

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