On July 21 at the House of Culture in Warsaw was Held concert of the famous band The Bitels. The concert came to a lot of people. Although the team missed about 2 hours all ETS good humor. Concert lasted 3 hours everybody had fun When he was about to end with the band to play all the shouting "yet." I really liked how Bitelsi amuse His audience was one of the best shows I was a Comma
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Into the Thursday hot soirée at the scene of the Poznań club Johnny Rocker a group introduced itself to the Poznań audience Mister from U.B, being continuation popular in years 80 - of the ones and for many of legendary formation Mr. Zoob. That team became known in 1984 with performances at a few inspections and festivals and with one's living, original blend of the new wave and Co. gained the sympathy of the audience as well as the favour of media. Everything sealed it with splendid singles „ Scrap of flooring ” (1984). For the base for themselves Poznań and the student club chose the Current and light character of the rock group affected his irregular activity a bit, of what turbulence was an effect composed of and their music with time lost the bite going more in direction of the pop. The rock group managed to give one single perhaps still (1985) and two albums in 1986 and 1998 as well as spent recently „ from the beginning ” - specific „ Best Of ” submitted from anew recorded or differently mixt songs from years to 1983 - 2006. It briefly about history.

Mister from U.B still above all new project. They form it: Andrzej Donarski – only original member of former Mr. Zoob ’ and (singing), Przemysław ‘ Śledziuha ’ track (guitar), Szymon Łużny (guitar), Andrzej Laskowski (bass), Beata Pole (percussion), Agnieszka Matuszczak (percussion) and Piotr Banyś (trombone). Concert Mister from U.B ’ and a, decent, rock Mairess group preceded rock group of the audience with the vocalist however which didn't rouse to the play attracted. A performance of the star of the evening is already something else and right away beneath the stage it was formed in crowds, the audience moved veterans into dancings and only a circle invited and it stayed by tables cooling with the beer. The team is exercising around some former of composition Mr. Zoob ’ and but is playing also new pieces. Compound of fit, experienced musicians is presenting the dynamic blend of the rock, rock ’ n ’ rolla, the Co., the reggae not to say the punk of the rock. On the stage of the club we heard pieces with bravado performed of which great they fell out even so, as opening the virtuoso performance „ Fast Co. ” and farther next arrows – „ don't be angry Waldek ”, „ my head ”, „ is shiting the one the one the one ” whether finally the greatest hit – „ Scrap of flooring ” - in extended pokombinowanej of version. On top of all that charisma of Andrzej Donarski which great is working as the vocalist and the master of the ceremony. I will admit that the team surprised me positively with energy, because before the concert I waited rather for blend the Co. and the reggae and I got the portion more rock ’ n ’ ollowego of playing. But it is no accusation, just the opposite, because are heard, that this format suits the rock group and in this direction they are going to go. As for now I recommend concerts warmly Mister from U.B. ’ and and looking for their promotional singles. Also a debut album for which it is certainly worthwhile waiting is in preparation.
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