Frederic Francis Chopin lived in years 1810-1849. He was the most famous Polish composer and pianist. He was born in Żelazowa Wola on Mazowsze. When he was six years old he started to play the piano. When he was 7, he created his first works. In years 1818-1819 he played as a “wonder child” in the Warsaw's Salons. In 1826, after he had graduated from the Warsaw Grammar School, he enrolled at the Main Conservatoire.

In 1826 there were some mentions of Chopin’s sickness. In 1829 he gave concerts in Vienna, and a year later he left Warsaw to live in Paris forever. But before he went to Paris he had given a great concert for his friends. After he had moved to Paris he often gave concerts in Germany, Czech Republic, England and France, which made him famous all over the world. But his tuberculosis didn’t let him go on a tour.

Chopin showed his biggest talent in years 1835-1840. He made friends with many famous people all over the world, e.g. Delacroix and Balzac. For many years he was emotionally involved with the French writer George Sand, who travelled with him to Spanish Mallorca. He died in Paris in 1849.