Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Y- Ty
S- sprzedawca

Y- Good morning.
S- Good morning. Can I help You?
Y- Yes, please. I would like to buy a carton of milk, 6 eggs, one bottle of Coca- Cola and medium bread.
S- Oh sorry, we haven't got any bread.
Y- So I will take 10 rolls.
S- All right. Is that will be everything or maybe you want anything else?
Y- No, that's all. How much for this?
S- That's 5 pounds. Thank you for shopping.
Y- Thank you. Good bye.
S- Good bye.
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-Hello. What would you like to buy?
-Hi. I want some ham.
-Ok.Here it is. Something more?
-yes. Please. 2 apples.
-Here you are.
-Thank you. How much is it?
-Here you are. Bye
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