I like listening to Linkin Park because I love rock music.
I don't like dentist because he is terrible.
Sue has sore throat because she scremed a lot.
He is very funny because he tells a lot of jokes

Ann is fat bacause she ate a lot of sweets
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I go to school because i must
My hamster die because be ill
i go to shoping because i have a money
my mother cook a diner because i'm a hangry
i have a money because im working
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1.She doesn't go to school today becouse she has a cold.
2. He pass him exams becouse he studies hard.
3. I like going out with my friends becouse I love them.
4. I can't buy a new car becouse I haven't got enough money.
5. I don't like read books becouse they are boring.
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