List do kolegi - błagam o sprawdzenie ;)

Dear Max,

Thanks for your letter. Sorry I havent written for so long, but I have been very busy.
You know, I have exam for month and I am very nervous.
Fortunately, I have not no "2" at the certificate.
Of The humanities subjects, I have the same "4" and "5" so I am very happy.
Unfortunately, I have worse assessments of science subjects. And you?
What is your certificate?
Now, I drink far too much coffee.
I think that I learn too little although I have a lot books and time.
But I hope that we will meet in October at the University.
I believe in it !
Do you have any plans for the holidays?
Can you come to me in August?
From the Fifth to Twenty-August I will be at home so it would be cool if you came to me.

Good luck on the exam!



Według mnie ten list jest dobrze npisany list
Moim zdaniem jest super!!! błędów nie zauważyłam.
będzie 5 jak nic:)))))))))))