On 8th November 2009 i went to Mars. I really wanted to visit this planet. Firstly i have built a special car that could let me drive there. It was a huge, pink car that didn't need a gravity to move. I took a friend with myself. I needed 2 months to get there. When i came there, I've met an interesting 'people', they were a bit similar to humen, they were just red. All red. Red eyes, red heads, red body, red hair. There were also strange animals: three eyed chickens, little purple pigs and red haired horses. Marsian people weren't dangerous. They had their own language we couldn't understand. Mars had also a beautiful views. I've seen something similar to our lake, but water was red. Well, i realised that Mars is really similar to the Earth. And i wanted to come back, so that was the end of my trip.