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I had a lot of bad days, but one was the worst.
I got up at 7:00 o'clock. I wanted to wash my teeth but I didn't have tooth - paste.
Next I saw that on breakfast I only have a carrot. I hate Carrot. I went out house at 7:30.
I had 8 lessons that day at school. I forgot my notebook from maths and I got 1.
I got home at 3 p.m. I went to football pitch with my friends. That was awful match.
I was worst in team. When I was getting back I hurt my knee.
At home I must paste a bandage on it. During doing my homework, the telephone rang and later i couldnt concentrate on homework. Then I forgot about watch my favourite program on TV.
I was very angry. Later I recalled that I had to did the laundry. I thought that i will get a argue by my parents.
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