Czy mogła bym prosić o sprawdzenie opowiadania??
I was alone in the house reading to magazine, something calling. Answer me phone.
Calling me the best friend with questions whather walking or the dancing. I'm agreemehting. My friends is have long,black hair and blue eyes. She's weas black skirt and bink sweaters. She boyfriend interdoce mine, his friend. He name is Martin. He's beautifull boy with deep, blue eyes. He's telling. He wears jeans and green shirt. I'm falling in love. I.m feeling happy, baterbly fling my body. I'm reading in the eyes sentences, he want toking. I and he longs dancing, if skirmishing. Next,turn out I turning leg. He's deliver a car in the hospital. Frotunatelly, it all ended well, but I dread think what might have happen. He's invitations mine on a pizza.



I was alone in the house and I was reading a magazine when the phone rang. I pick up the phone.
It was my best friend. She asked me to go for a walk or to the party(tu nie jestem pewna). I agree. My friend has a long,black hair and blue eyes. A dalej sorry ale nie mogę się połapać o czym ty piszesz ;p