Odpowiedz na pytania:
1. What are you interests? why?
2. Is i good to have siblings? Why? why not?
3. what are your good/bad characteristics?
4. Is appearance important in social life? why?
5. What can we do look good?
6. What was the most challenging thing you have ever done? Why did you do that?
7.Is it better to live in a house/flat? Why ?
8. Advantages and disadvantages of living in a house/flat.
9.The house of your dreams.
10. Your favourite furniture style.
11. Household equipment you consider most useful.
12. is it better to live in the country/town/city? why ?
13. what are the problems with rebuilding/redecoratinf the house/flat.
14. Would you like to have a garden? why ?
15. Do pupils and students need after-school activities? why? why not?
16. it is important to go to school? why? why not?
17. what can we learn at school?
18. how have you got yourself prepared for matura?
19. Do exams reflect students knowledg? why ?
20. What students should/shouldn't do at school? why?



1st I'm interested in programming, because i stay at the computer all day.
2nd In my opinion, have a sibling to the well, because you can talk to someone, have fun, to do a task, to teach.
3.Moją good party is a computer, I can do everything on it. The bad feature is selfishness
4th In my opinion, appearance is important, because everyone in society looks at you. Everything depends on the design.
5.Powinniśmy to eat healthy food and take care of yourself.
6th So far I did not have such a situation
7th I think it is better to live at home because the block can not have a dog .. limited freedom
8th The advantage of living in your home is personal freedom. The disadvantage of living in the house is a play-off
9th Fully automatic House
11.Tak Appliances think that is very useful in everyday life 12.tak it is better to live in their home country than abroad 13.Duże financial costs
14.Nie want to have a garden, because I do not like
15 . They need to learn more because, even though it costs 16.tak devote some time that in the future to have a good job. 17th School subjects
18.Czuję adventurous: P
19th Not
20th They should listen and learn subjects
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