Co do tej historii, nie ma pewności. W 1982 roku w miasteczku Somerdale, w stanie New Jersey 15 dzieci i 1 osoba dorosła rozchorowała się po spożyciu cukierków i ciasta na zabawie z okazji Halloween. Wg niektórych gazet w słodyczach wykryto ślady narkotyku PCP ("angel dust", czyli "anielski pył"). Nie wiadomo, czy celem były wszystkie dzieci, czy może jedna osoba. Często tak się właśnie okazywało. Nie raz też zatrucie było dziełem przypadku lub śmierć spowodowało coś innego, a nie trucizna.



As for this history, isn't sure. In 1982 in the Somerdale small town, into becoming New Jersey 15 children and 1 adult fell ill after eating sweets and the cake on the play on the occasion of Halloween. According to some newspapers in sweets tracks of the PCP drug were detected ("angel dust", that is "angel dust"). It isn't obvious, whether all children were a purpose, whether one person can. This way it has often just turned out. More than once also poisoning was a coincidence or something else, rather than poison brought about the death.
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As for the story, there is no certainty. In 1982 in the town of Somerdale, New Jersey, 15 children and 1 adult got sick after eating sweets and cakes on the occasion of Halloween fun. According to some newspapers in confectionery detected traces of the drug PCP ( "angel dust" or "angel's dust"). It is not known whether the goal was all the children, or perhaps one person. Often they are just turned out. You'll also be poisoning accident caused death or something else, not poison.
That has has grown for this history, does not have certitude. In 1982 year in village Somerdale, children in new jersey 15 and person has has grown after consuming of sweet 1 rozchorowała and pastes on fun from opening Halloween. It discover trails of drugs according to some newspapers in candies ( " " PCP angel dust, or " angelic dust " ). It isn't known, if (or) all children were purpose, if (or) one person can. It display often exactly so. Poisoning was work of case (accidentally) not case (together; time) too or it has caused something death other, but poison not