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My room is very spaciou's, it has about 20 square meteres.
It is placed in the southern part of my apartment.
There are big windows my room and so it is well lit.
There a two-story bed, wardrobe, two armchairs, table, tv, and serveral shelves my room.
There are of flowers standing on those shelves.
The entrence to my room on the north side.
There is a desk with comupter standing left side of the window.
Right next the entrance there is bed. The room itself is pained yellow.
There is a lot of space at the centre of the room.
There is a brown crapet laying.
The room carpet very confortable in my opinion, and I'm pretty satisfied with it.

pozdrawiam i mam nadzieje że pomogłam
My room is big.The walls are pink, but the window and the door are white.There is a big window in front of the door.There are white curtains in the window.The desk is next to the window.There is a lamp on it. There is a beige carpet on the floor.There is a table in the middle of the room.Next to the table is a bad.In front of the table is a bookcase and wardrobe.I like my room.
I very like my room, i spend to much time in it.in my room is to much items..Room has green walls.There is much pictures on it. most i looking at the image of my family.There is my desk on which do homework.On this desk is my computer.There isn't a TV becauce my parent's didn't let me.There are two chairs.There is my big bed.It's very soft.I adore sleep on it.There is one table.Under table is carpet.There are two windows.There is a beutifiul view on forest from these windows.Benind table is big flower.I too have many flowers on my window.I often invite to my room my friends.We do homework or talk.