Complete the sentences using the past simple of the verbs given.

not get, start, annoy, not be,buy,not know

1.Julie___________ a beautiful bracelet decorated with stones and sea shells.
2.Sam____________ the job because he____________ polite to the interviwer.
3.They really___________me with their gossip last night.
4.Mary___________what to do when the baby not be crying.



1 bought
2 didn't get didn't be
3 started
4 didn't know
W pierwszym będziesz miał/a

Julie didnt buy...
Sam started the job he didnt get
They really annoye
Mary didnt know
Nie mieliśmy tego, więc pewna nie jstem, ale...
1) bought
2) didn't get ; didn't be
3) annoyed
4) didn't know