Proszę, żeby mi ktoś sprawdził i poprawił błędy:

When I go to school I usually wear casual clothes. I like dark t-shirts with prints, black trousers or tigh jeans and trainers. I like black clother. My ears are pierced. I often wear different types of earrings. I love such clothes because they let me feel comfortable and relaxed. When it's warm I like wearing a blouse with short sleeves and shorts. When it's colder I wear a sweatshirt and over the knee boots. Sometimes I have to wear formal clothes. On special occasions I wear white shirt and dark mini-skirt. Frankly speaking I prefer casual clothes. I never wear high-heeled shoes and ties. Sometimes I wear my black hat, but very seldom. I hate tight sweaters. They're horrible.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Zamiast prints, dałabym "pictures" - pierwsza linijka
zamiast clother powinno być clothes - druga linijka
blouse with short sleeves - po prostu T-Shirt - czwarta linijka

reszta myślę,że dobrze jest :)