I like lesane to music. My brother plays football everyday. I like eat brekfast. I go to school. My mother tech english. I read book. My sister study at university. dokonca nie wiem czy to dobrze
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. Me and my friends every friday listen to music.
2. My family is eating dinner every day togheter
3. I like reading.
4. I hate tidy my room.
5. Me and my friends are learning English every weekend.
6. I going to cinema every weekend with my family.
7. I love playing basketball.
8. Me and my friends are a students
9. We're study French.
10. I like sleeping.
I'm Kamila. I often play football with my friend together. we also like go to the cinema. where we eat popcorn! i listen pop music .i love reading Paulo Coeltho's books. everynight when i am tidy of day i go to swimming pool. i teach child how swimming. in free time i go to dance classes where i study dance. but i would like to be an actress.