Direction: Hoyt Yeatman script: Cormac Wibberley, Marianne Wibberley of the photograph: Bojan Bazelli of the musician: Harry Gregson-Williams the Topic of rodents in Holywood became fashionable, either behind the matter.... of dollars a comedy earned which about singing squirrel. Into the make-up of the crew working for the government of the United States the G is accessing guinea pigs – Darwin, Blaster and Juarez, the Speckles mole and the Mooch fly. With the boss of the one specgrupy Ben is – the scientist which prepared is eating for this mission. One of tasks, relying on the data capture from the computer of the owner of the empire of domestic appliances, is ending with the complete flop. The information turns out to be pointless, what federal agents are ordering stopping the entire action in relation to. The crew is hitting the G to a pet shop, where Darwin is meeting his uncouth brother about which he knew nothing so far. Now only a real play is beginning.
The working for the U.S. government included a crew of G
guinea pigs - Darwin, Blaster, and Juarez, and Speckles the mole
Mooche fly.
Head of specgrupy is Ben - a scientist who created them
this mission. One of the tasks involving the interception of data
the computer owner's empire of household goods ends
a complete flop. Information turn out to be meaningless, and therefore
Feds managed to stop all of the action. The crew gets G
the pet shop where he encounters his uncouth Darwin
brother, which he knew nothing until now. Now is just beginning
responsible party.