I am depressed because of how much is neglected, as the clumsy
I try to go back to the form .. I never thought that I might or anorexia
bulimia. As a child I was niejadkiem, so the disease has already lies at the root of my
childhood. Wmuszała mom in me unhealthy, fatty and sweet foods, because
that the child refuses to delicious fries, pancakes and sweets served on
tray with great gratitude the parents after consumption of goodies. The second case
my undervalued. Ever since the school has always felt different from the
all-worse. I was well liked, but to isolate itself, to become
strange-and I hated myself for it. I went through periods of depression, phobias
and therapies. I'm much stronger now but still stuck inside me
Lock and unwarranted guilt. I do not like complaining or being irritated you-think it's
marnotractwo great time and underestimation of what has happened in my life
Fortunately, however, sometimes we have moments of reflection in which you reproach
all, we feel hopeless and useless .. After puberty
TYC-started as a child I was always normal, thin, and later started
TYC. Period zauroczeń, rebellion and diet .. After 2 weeks of diet for a further
yo-yo effect of months and lived again, and again since 10 years .. Always
gluttony-attacks he had recently learned that it was by the desire to
occur, even for a moment to be important-a living for themselves. All the time
prove to myself that I am someone, I'm strong, I have ambitions and moments
weaknesses everything hangs. When I eat I remember times in which they sat
podjadając something in front of TV and I felt so safe and
carelessly. After what I went through psychotherapy at a very young age (and so the
long wanted to fend for herself) finally started to think positively, even
improved chumor others. I've never had a boyfriend, but fleeting
knowledge-even though I am already so old;) and I'm very ashamed, always stood
in the shade, despite the fact that, without false modesty, I am very pretty
i.. shy. I can not believe in themselves, sometimes surprises me how many
I make and what are my options, because each of us can do anything-wystarzczy
faith, strong will and a little bit of luck! My carcass is not so bad but
far from my ideal, and so Shoot me, because I'm a perfectionist. Not at all
I strive for the impossible, I see a beautiful skinny girl ... yet half years
ago boys behind me watching the girls envied me, and older people
be worried;). Finally, after so many years of painstaking diet and some have paid in order to
longer remained more effect. MY RECIPE: For a period of about 15 days I ate the
50-100 calories a day (or-and here's my chronic anorexia) and were mainly
small sweets. 3 weeks before I ate a bit less and lost weight 2 kg, and
During these 2 weeks 8th And so for one month, get rid of 10
kg-hated by another is not eating much because of the
żałądek shrunken and thin to 38 kg. For me it was such a success!
I achieved something that was unrealistic, long dream fulfilled. And now to the
does not surprise me feel weak, maybe during the 2 weeks I experienced
some dizziness, but
Yet so few want to be happy-so-short time to get rid of to what
spend awake at night, after the failure of individual diets and those
overrated "miracle." I was a guinea pig for himself-
tried so many diets, gave up so many dishes (in the first
loved and hated order fries, donuts from childhood). Range
reduced the allowed foods to cereals, yogurt, fruit and vegetables, sweets
and, unfortunately, occasionally even cakes. I do not eat even the bread-staggered
a vicious cycle ... At a time when I was skinny, did not look like
-at least according to skeleton. me. I had quite a bit of comments from friends
and loved ones, I know I will not worry but then I was sick. I felt
really light and well-I had no problems apart from those who
all-minor stress, occasional lack of hajsu, work .. And nothing else, I was so
free and happy! My legs no longer ache and ponds, sometimes in winter dopadały
me heart attacks and cold-and besides, the same advantages. And contrary to what they write about
lean humans, or some did not consider himself to be a better-finally believe in
I was equal to himself and others, I could deal with their problems and their
sercowymi.To affairs was the most beautiful time of the next month .. ate
what I wanted (in addition to what threw the menu), I have been at events,
in pubs, eating in moderation and not tyłam. Weight normalized to me a few pounds
more and stopped. After a period of six months a little pofolgowałam.
All with a smile ględzili me that I put on weight, that I can eat, I do not
hurt, and so on. I could not bear docinków .. instead I started to listen to each other
to overfeed, and all the money to spend on food, I thought that no longer
I might return to its former importance. Easy come to me a better life and destroyed
everything. I forgot to mention that these attacks eat a few times ended
with 2 fingers in the throat .. then when I arrived I started to 6 kg
starve-a constant struggle with yo-yo effect led me ultimately to
14 kg more .. So here
kilogram crossed my weight before slimming! Is completely
I'm not broke-even in the bone-but not now ubrałabym dresses, or
Tomorrow shorts .. New Year, and I instead of lose weight again after hunger strike
I gained. I can not look at each other. I know I should be happy and I am
well, I have a family and a roof over their heads, but what's really worth my
life? I'm not sick but I know that
the near to this road. The doctor is true stwiedził me with anorexia
bulimia, but do not feel it, I can prevail over niejedzeniem and last about
What I dream is provoking wymiotów.Kocham food and love do not eat. For
any price I want to lose weight again, so easy at the expense, and I feed her failures
"Small worthless self. Frankly, very sorry to all those affected by this
cruel disease-food-obsessed who suffocated in us all what
beautiful. We become odludkami, nudziarzami and ashamed about whom
tell anyone. We think about food, while there are so many
wonderful and remarkable themes. Destroy relationships with friends,
family-resign from his own happiness, because I did not feel worthy. It
yet funny! Invented some kind of illness can not take over control
our lives. We can not let yourself be overcome constant dreams and not successful
attempts to strive for perfection. Ideals is not, and wanting to exist in hard times
we must stay together, be happy and get rid of any complexes.
Weaknesses in our beauty and character are our advantages. Too bad life
addiction and trying to be someone else, better-only if we accept
each other and stop to be ashamed of yourself will be free. And with
happiness will come a time in which the joy and the busy spending time with
close forget about eating and weight loss. Thin are lighter but they are not
PERSONS better! Bearing in mind that weight loss is not normal and fast but
permanently. We are constantly trying to fool yourself that thin on the hunger strike that will preserve
weight, but is quite the opposite. Let us no more, let's go on
głodząc cut corners or paying, skilled sporządźmy menu-including
breakfast and all the necessary ingredients. After a period of weight loss, certainly not
najchudszą enough to be whether the best-but to feel at ease in his
skin, with dignity,
proudly and forever hold the form.

Nudna historia anorektyczki. Sory że takie długie xDD możesz sobie wziąść np połowe i napisac na końcu I am dead. Jestem martwa.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
It was a dark and storm night. I was alone in the house. Suddenly, I heard a knock at the door. I went to the front door and opened it.
Outside was stood small boy. He was wet and frightened, he wore to small clothes and he didn't have a shoes. I had invited him form my house. He sat on the couch and he observed me. I went to the kitchen, I made hot tea and some sandwiches for the boy.
I brought him tea and sandwich, he ate all, he must was very hungry. I went to the kitchen made more sandwiches, but went I came he slept on the couch.
I didn't want to wake up him so I went to the kitchen. Then was back my mother, I had opened her door and said than must be quietly because on the couch slept small boy. She went in the dining room, but there it was nobody, the boy was disappear.
Only the couch was wet and cold.
Maybe this boy was ghost.
It was very creepy night, because it was Halloween. We were looking for some sweets but we didn't find them. We went to shop and there we met strange guy with orange hair and big nose with black hair. We arrived to home. At midnight we go to kitchen. Somebody was behind the tree in garden. Girls start to shout. We ran from the house. The man behind the tree was running behind us. We stoped and then he told us that he is Pizza guy. We start to laught.

nie wiem czy dobrze