Whole herds of animals leave their family land and migrate to warmer hand, anticipating an imminent disaster - the icy, desolate fields, wander only a few. One frosty - as always - though beautiful day meet by chance the movie the main characters - Sid sloth, mammoth and saber-tooth Mandy Diego. Sid and Mandy from the river wyławiają human child - his mother, chased by a herd of tigers, in a panic escape and jumped into the water last effort failed to save the baby, leaving them on shore. Sid, honest, but unfortunate simpleton, decides to immediately take care of the human orphan. Grumpy, gloomy Manfred forever - Mandy is not happy with this idea, most intrusive pozbyłby both sloth and child. Then comes Diego - Envoy tiger herd. Providing false, that it depends only on the baby's safety, offered to refer him to the human village. In fact, the herd leader ordered him to deliver a baby, got familiar with because of human flesh. Sid indignant protests against the return of a baby tiger - Manfred ultimately decide that a child will people and Diego lead their stands by the glaciers. That starts in the way "weirdest herd in the world", but close - always appears near the Scrat from his last peanuts, which could occur boldly as the cause of all disasters of this world ... sloth, mammoth and tiger travel together, taking care of the child, avoiding the various traps, fighting for the last melon on Earth, the overwhelming hostile dodo bird, and getting to know better - enough to feel the true flock, with all resulting consequences. As the unlikely friendship is born, went to sleep like tigers marudne babies, why the dodo became extinct and when you can safely pass through the area of geysers - these and other puzzles to solve in the memorable movie "Ice Age".

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