During a conversation on Olympus Athena draws attention to the unhappy fate of Odysseus and asks Zeus to favor. Poseidon does not allow for peaceful warrior flow to his native Ithaca. Still the storm sea depths. The goddess also proposes to involve the search for the father of Telemachus.

Son of Odysseus of Ithaca residents convened so. Complains of the insolence of the suitors of his mother, Penelope. Requests also collected about the ship and rowers, because he wants to go on searching for her father. It's not. The crowd pays no attention to this request and propagates. Athena intervenes, however, and Telemachus flows into the sea. Menelaus' home visits. During the feast he hears the story of Odysseus' deceit in the battle of Troy. He learns also that the last seen him with the goddess Calypso. So Telemachus returns home.

Meanwhile, Zeus orders the Calypso, to release Odysseus. Greek builds a raft and leaves. After 17 days Phaeacian flows to the island. Adopted here is very worthy. The palace Alkinoos participates in games, songs Demodoka admires. In one of them hears a Trojan horse and the destruction of Troy. Then decides to reveal his name. Advocates gathered to further their adventures. He says, among others. to stay in the country Lotofagów, an expedition to the Cyclops Polyphemus, the cave, which blinded, exposing themselves in this way to the wrath of Poseidon. He also mentioned Eolu. He received from him a bag of winds, but the curiosity of sailors lost an early return to Ithaca. Battled with giants, Lajstrygonami. He lost eleven ships. Do not missed the story about witchcraft Circe, who turned his companions into swine. He had to fight it and force the release of their colleagues. Kirke is instructed that he went to Hades. There has to find the body of her husband Elpenora, but at the same time meet Tyrezjasza who wywróży, how much hard work awaits him and point the way home.

Odysseus surprise story of the hosts went to the basement and talk with ghosts. "He saw a" For then not only the spirit of a dead mother, but Achilles, Agamemnon, Ajax, and even Minos, Tantalus, Sisyphus and Hercules. He returned to Circe with the remains Elpenora which buried. Before the final parting of the Kirke learned from her about the dangers lurking next. Thanks to safely swim near the island of sirens and two islands with monsters: Scylla and Charybdis. However, he lost all his companions on the island of Helios, because they ate the best cow god, for which he paid a death by lightning of Zeus. Then I swam to the Calypso alone, and since it moved to Phaeacian. Here ends the story.

The king comforted by Odysseus. He predicts early return home. Lavishes visitor with numerous gifts, lends his ship and heartily farewell. Do not even know that vengeance awaits him Poseidon. When Odysseus leaves, sailors feaccy see that their ship is at sea, and half does not move from the place of any strength. The Lord of the fast work - poses a sacrificial altar of the god Poseidon and asks for forgiveness.

Odysseus wakes up on shore already. Do not know where he is. However, Athena appears and tells him that his native land. Disguises Odysseus as a beggar, and headed to the hut shepherd Eumajosa. This takes guests warmly. Not knowing the wanderer, tells him about the benefits of the husband of Penelope, her toil in the fight against zalotnikami who are becoming more intrusive and insolent. Even preparing an ambush for Telemachus. They are so dangerous.

Son appears in the hut Eumajosa. Instantly recognizes his father. Joy has no end, but time is short and you need to act. Telemachus says so on the situation in Ithaca. Odysseus decides to go to the house disguised as a beggar. Prepares and trick the suitors for the unbelievers. Eumajosem leaves. At home, only to recognize him: Eurykleja nurse and dog Argos, very neglected and sickly. Scatter to identify and offensive insults Odysseus - a beggar. It comes to fighting, even when the house of Penelope appears drunkard and the glutton, constantly harassment household. Odysseus solidly and throws it resounded through the gate.

Unrecognized by his wife take her call. She learns that she is still committed and faithful to him. Tells how the idea came up of weaving and prucia shroud for her husband. Doing everything just to increase the time to decide zamążpójściu. Still waiting for his beloved. At the end of the conversation Odysseus suggests that the time has come to always be competition, during which suitor to choose a husband.

The next day, the feast of suitors - an increasingly enraged - do not spare mockery and ridicule. Athena sends them to the "madness" are like a drunk, laughing with abandon. Penelope enters the husband's great bow. Designates zalotnikom in shooting competitions. Attempts to fail. No one can stretch the arc. Only then gathered reveals Odysseus and trade shows - a scar from his youth, and then tightens the bow and arrow pierces holes in a row of twelve axes set by Telemachus.

Surprised truchleją suitors. It begins with the slaughter. Odysseus, with the help of her son and pastors gathered attacks. Fierce fighting continues. Gina all the suitors and unfaithful servant are hanged.

Penelope end is distrustful. But when Odysseus reveals the secrets connected with their matrimonial bed, throws herself into the arms of her husband. Athena assisted by their spouses and extended night. In the morning Odysseus goes to his father's pen, to consult with him how to avoid the vengeance of the murdered family suitors. The old man recognizes her son, even after the wound inflicted by a wild many years ago. Do not forget to start discussions on the bodies of the murdered, when the goddess appears Ossa and news reports that the corpses were carried and buried. Meanwhile, the agora gather family and friends of the victims. It is going to mortal combat. Then Athena appears and warning from the wrath of Zeus it is recommended reconciliation. And so it is.

In the final conversation with Zeus in Athens is decided that Odysseus is the king of Ithaca, and the love with which they will rule, subjected to rally his heart.

Mam nadzieje że starczy... To jest streszczenie odyseji.
Kamienie na szaniec

Kaminski's first chapter of the novel, titled "Sunny days". And just like in the next section titled: "The storm and the fog," Kaminski says about the life of young people in Warsaw before the outbreak of and during World War II. Sports, scouting, learning the Polish beauty, spinning plans for the future. Description of the September war as seen through the eyes of eighteen-year boys. These boys are Alek Dawidowski, Tadeusz Zawadzki, John Bytnar and several other heroic scouts.
The third and fourth chapter talks about fighting in World War II. But how could fight unarmed boys? They said the Little Germany shares Sabotage: broke Nazi flags, knocked out windows ozdabiającym Polish photographer showcases his photographs of uniformed Germans. Drew on the walls of the turtle, which meant: work for the Germans slowly tear gas płoszyli people from cinemas. The boys trained for Small Sabotage risky actions were directed to attack groups. He learned how to destroy the German facilities, transport routes and armaments factories.

The fifth chapter is the most interesting chapter for me. During this time, is kidnapped by the Gestapo, "Rudy." Is punished by them but do not issue their colleagues. In return, the friends organize shares rebound "Rudy", but Jack has barely alive. Close to Arsenal on Long Street takes a bloody fight, Bytnar is released. His freedom did not last long, because after a few days to die due to injuries. In this action, was also fatally wounded by Alek. Is only one Borgnine. The events described in this section are presented in the film "Operation Arsenal."

In the seventh chapter, despite the collapse of mental Sophie attached to the after-getting up Jewish.
The last chapter is the conclusion of all the contributions of these boys. Sophie accidentally arrested. Fortunately, he had no weapon with him when neither of illegal documents. Germany they release him after a week. But he is killed in the attack on the gendarmerie station in the village Sieczychy. So ends this sad and also adds the story of courage fighting.

In my opinion this is the best book I read in elementary school because it talks about real facts and real life. But I believe that he did not have to die so young people - could be quite different. On the other hand, it is thanks to such people as they live now in an independent Poland. This book is worth reading what they are talking about these arguments.