Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
January- It's snowy! I making a snowman and learnig.
Fabruary- Winter holiday! I going to mountains with my family, when i coming back I meeting with my friends.
March - This is my learnig time, but i must finding time for my friends.
April- Easter! I really like this! I love getting a present!
May - I like May! A trees starting be green, but I have to learnig.
June- Finish month to school and holiday!
Juli - I going on the see with my family and to camp with my friend
August- I meeting my friend and visiting family.
September - Oh no I must starting school.
October - Learning, learning, learning... Halloween!
November - My birthday! Big party but next to I have to come back to learning
December- Christmas and Sylvester!
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