I have met Mary at the beginning of the high school. She came up to me and introduced herself as our new classmate. She didn't seemed to nice at first, but later she showed to everybody how pleasant person she can actually be.

My fairest friend is called . It is high and athletic. Long has, bright hair. Eyes are green color . It is too kind and friendly.

mój najlepszy przyjaciel nazywa się........... jest wysoki i wysportowany. Ma długie, jasne włosy. jego oczy są zielonego koloru. jest też uprzejmy i przyjacielski.
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My the best friend, <imię> life in <miasto>. She/he likes Art, Music and P.E. He/She has got brown hair and blues eyes. Her/ His favourite sport are football and basketball. I like she/ he, because she/he is very nice.