Krzysztof Kolumb, given birth probably on 25 August and 31 October 1451 of year in Genoa, 20 May 1506 died in Valladolid – the European yachtsman and the navigator. Disputes about his origin which they can help the benchmarking led in final years to settle last the DNA

The captain of the expedition which swam on three Santa María ships, Niña and the Pint under the Kastylii flag in seeking the west sea route to India. As the first expedition she defeated the tropical Atlantic Ocean at the history of modern geographical discoveries and she dawned on to Western India 12 October 1492 (of Antilles) at coasts of America – of unknown continent in contemporary Europe. For achievements he was appointed the admiral and the first governor of Spanish immigrant communities in the Middle America, the organiser and the captain of four exploratory transatlantic expeditions from Spain to America.
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Christopher Columbus was born between 25 August and 31 October 1451 in Genoa, died May 20, 1506 year in Valladolid - European explorer and navigator.
Thanks to him we knew that apart from Europe, there is another continent.
once decided to sail to India. seemed to him that the whole time passes to the east but it was not. swam to Central America. people called Indians. By the end of life claimed that swam into India.

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Krzysztof Kolumb,urodzony pomiędzy 25 sierpnia a 31 października 1451 roku w Genui, zmarł 20 maja 1506 roku w Valladolid – europejski żeglarz i nawigator .
Dzięki niemu wiedzieliśmy że prócz europy jest jeszcze inny kontynent.
kiedyś postanowił popłynąć do indi. wydawało mu się że cały czas płynie na wschód ale tak nie było. dopłynął do ameryki środkowej. mieszkańców nazwał indianami. Do końca życia twierdził że dopłynął do indi.
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