When Amundsen in 1911 and soon after Scott won the South Pole, their rival, Sir Ernest Shackleton set off in 1914 in the "last great journey on earth" - to travel from one to the other side of Antarctica. Sailed with 27 companions on the ship Endurance, but the trip ended in disaster when the ship was trapped, and after over half a year - in crushed ice pitch Wedella Sea, throwing the crew on a desperate war for survival. Their escape from "hell" - several months drifting in the crash, a debilitating journey szalupami Elephant Island, 800 miles escapade craft to the 7-meter boats on the island of South Georgia and the raging Atlantic, the continuing 36-hour passage through the mountains and glaciers on the other side of Georgia - is one of the most pioneering history.

That survived in spite of all adversities and hardships, of which two years had to deal with inventory, which, even in those days was regarded as primitive, it may appear incomprehensible. You can understand it only if we know an extraordinary determination, optimism and charisma, "the boss" and perseverance, which he could muster from their comrades.

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"Twilight" is the first volume of the Twilight saga, written by Stephenie Meyer. This book tells the story of a young girl who falls for a vampire.
The action takes place in a book overcast Forks, Washington. 17-year-old Bella Swan, moves to his father, from sunny Pheonix. Bella would like to start a new life. The new school, a mysterious boy notes that it (with unknown cause) lubi.Bella not at any cost, wants to prove why.
American books for teenage readers usually are conducted from the perspective of stupid teenager, śliniących at the sight of a new bag. At the very beginning so I thought about it. Not at all "Twilight" is written for teens, but this did not discourage me. I know some who read it, regardless of the fact that the recipient is to be a teenager. The book is conducted from the perspective of the main character. The boy finally able to see how it is in my head teenagers.
The action is always tense book. When the reader finishes reading chapter the author applies surprise. Curiosity knows no boundaries and is read on. "Twilight" is like a drug. You can experience and be addictive. He wants more and more.
The book is written in everyday language. It reads easily, with understanding and fast enough
According to me, "Twilight" is not the classic boring reading a book full of action. Everyone should read it.

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