Test na anglika na jutro!!!
1. Zakreśł właściwa odp.
1. I think that Jude Law is one of ... actors of his generation.
a: good b:better c:the best
2. Ian's computer ... while he was sending an email.
a:has crashed b:crashed c:was crashing
4. If I'm not too tired later, I ... out with my friends.
a:will go b:am doing c:go
5. Try ... cheese:it's delicious!
a:any b:a few c:some
6. Dave .... work so hard; he looks exhausted.
a:shouldn't b:can't c:must
7. What time ... for the aiport tomorrow?
a:we leave b: are we leaving c:have we left
8. Peter ... read comics when he was young.
a:uses b: used to c: used
9. I don't like .... horror films.
a: to watch b: watch c:watching

2. Uzupełnij właściwym słowem.
1. Owen didn't go to school today, did he?
2. The coffee is ... sweet for me to drink.
3. There are very ... students in the classroom; we can't have a lesson
4. What..... Rob tell you on the phone earlier?
5. He will get the job .. he does well at the interview.

3. Podkreśl właściwe słowo.
1. She can type fast too/enough to finish the letters in an hour.
2, You don't have to/ can't dress up; the party isn,t formal.
3. I'm making a mistake here, am I not/aren't I?
5. i need to buy a czn/carton of milk.
6. There arwe little /few problems with this.
7. We are seejng/ see TOM AND BRENDA to night.
8. It's too/enough cold to go out



Zad. 1
1. c
2. b
4. a
5. c
6. a
7. b (chyba)
8. b
9. c

zad. 2
2. too
4. did
5. if

zad. 3
1. enough
2. don't have to
3. aren't I
5. carton
6. few
7. are seeing
8. too