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Numerous concerts proceed to independence day in united states, parades and gala.
Addresses are delivered about patriotic topic by politicians tradition also and government officials. However, has place of loud show of artificial fire after twilight.
Emigrants with difficulty and put built purposes before hardly and not easy challenges. United states - country great decision, conversions, contrasts and changes



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Numerołss konserts prosid tu indepedens dej in unajted stejtes,parades end gala.Adreses ar deliwered ebaut patriotik topik baj politiszians tradiszyn alsoł end gołwernment ofiszal.Hałewer,has plejs of laud szoł of artifiszyl fajer after tłilit.Emigrents łyf difikulti and put bujlt purpołses bifor hardli end not izi czelendżes.Unajted stejtes - kantry grejt desiżyn,konwerszyns,kontrasts and czendżes.
Numerołs konsert prosid tu indepensed dej in junajtet stejts, parads end gala. Adreses ar deliwered abołt patriotik topik baj politikans tradiszyn azlo end gowernment ofiszials. Hołewer, hes plejs of lołd szoł of artifiszial faje afte tłajlajt.
Emigrants łyf dyfikult end put bilt purpos bifor hardli end not izi czelendżes. Junajtet stejts - kanczri grejt disiżyn, konwerszions, kontrakts end czendżys.

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