Zadanie 4
1.You : Where live your parents?
2.You :How old is your father ?
3.You: What profession he has?
4:You: Has he sister or brother?
5 You:How old is she?
6. Does she have a boyfriend?
7.You:Does he look like she?
9. What she like?
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1. Where live your parents?
How old is your father?
Where does he work?

How old is she?
Has she a boyfriend?
How does she look like?
How is she?
What does she like doing in her free time?

1. Jack's mother was born in italy (nie kumam czemu te kropki są w innym miejscu)

2. to talk
3. playing
4. called
5. comes
6. to study
7. were.
ale to zdanie wg mnie powinno wyglądać tak:
We have never been to Australia before.

8. to make
9. is having

1. noisy
2. smart
4. selfish
5. bosy
7. shy
9. middle-aged

flat - apartment
tram - streetcar, trolley
film - movie
pavement - sidewalk
sweets - candy
petrol - gas
car park - parking lot
taxi - cab
chemist - pharmacist