I am writing to you from a wonderful city Paris. The weather is great, although the quite strong wind sometimes blows. The people are very kind here. I have stayed at the family which welcomed me very warmly.
I am doing shopping with my new friends tonight. We are also going (to samo co wyzej) to the cafe. Tomorrow, we are going sightseeing (go sightseeing tzn. zwiedzac) the city.
Greetings, (pozdrowienia)
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My Holiday – letter bardziej list, ale można go zaliczyć do e maili.

Dear Kamil!

Thanks for your last letter. I`m really sorry I didn’t write back earlier but I have only just got back from holiday.
I went with my friends to a little town in Italy
which we had expected.
We booked some rooms in a guest-house and they were perfectly prepared for our coming.
Rooms and the bathroom were very comfortable and clean.
We spend a lot of time on sitting in small cafes and visiting interesting places and monuments in this town.
On the last day we also went
to Roma to visit the famous art and architectural monuments.
The weather was great. The sun was shining and there was light wind. Our food was also great, delicious and tasty.
We ate traditional meals and drunk traditional wine.
It was the most interesting and funny holiday in my life.
Anyway, I must go and unpack my suitcase
I will write again soon.

Love, Michał ;-)
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