Proszę o sprawdzenie tekstu

In my opinion, the zoo is a good institution, because many species thanks to them can survive. It isn't perhaps better place for them from the natural environment in terms of the living conditions, because it is obvious that grates aren't giving the freedom, but the zoo is giving them the sense of security. In the zoo animals have the guaranteed care. They are getting eating and drinking above all, what actually lives won't be given without. They aren't threatened by danger on the part of other animals or people. The environment nowadays very much is being destroyed by people but animals simply killed for the meat, or the skin. It is cruel how animals are suffering. Of course I am behind the fact that animals should be as free as people, but until won't change living conditions better will be at liberty for them in the zoo.

In conclusion a zoo is above all a form of protection of animals. And at least this best solution isn't after with environmental concerns, better smell oneself safely than to live at large, not knowing where it is danger facing.



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