1. I prefer watching sports.
lub: I prefer playing sports.
2. I like watching (lub: playing) volleyball, basketball, football and handball.
3. I like meeting with my friends, reading books, playing with my dog and cooking.
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1. Do you prefer watching sports or playing them ?
I prefer playing sports rather than watching them.


I prefer watching sports rather than playing them.

2. Which sports do you like watching / playing ?
I like playing vollayball and canoing.


I like watching football matches on TV.

3. If you dont like sports , what do you prefer doing in your free time?

I prefer playing computer games than doing any sport.
3 2 3
1)I prefer playing a sport its much more fun doing it than just sitting and watching it.
2)I like watching soccer and volleyball. The sports I like playing is also soccer and volleyball.
3)When I don't play sports I like going on the computer and playing games.
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