Muszę opisać swoje ulubione rzeczy .
przesyłam zdj. w linku . : )<- chodzi mi o spodnie <-- bluzka
i że niby to są moje ciuchy no i
muszę je dokładnie opisać , jak wygląda , jaki ma kolor itp.. że np trampki sa wygodne ..
Daję najlepsząą ; ***
do dzisiaj ..



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I have many clothes that I wear frequently and which I like very much, but these are my favorites.
- Pants - my favorite pants are now very fashionable, expanded at the top and narrowing down - szafary. They are loose, and so very comfortable. They are made from blue denim and have orange stitching. At the top, right and left are two large pockets. At the height of the hips, dragged by a strip of loops made of the same material as the trousers, is tied in a knot at the front. These pants are perfect for both school and meeting with friends, going to the cinema and many other occasions.
- T - shirt - I really like blouses with short sleeve, particularly those loose. My favorite are the shirts with kimono sleeves, which is popularly known as bats. The one that I have chosen is white, has short sleeves just so extended, and more or less from the waist down is the normal width. In the middle of this blouse is printing - photo-based some girl against the wall, and next to the subtitles. This shirt fits perfectly to the pipe trousers and is a great idea for a party.
-Now is the time to boot - when I saw these shoes on a window right away I wanted to have it, put off by the pocket two whole weeks to be able to buy them. When you describe it you'll find out why. They are high, reaching to the ankles sneakers. Their color is a wonderful simple - light purple. They have thick, white laces. On their outer sides are printed. On the right shoe string ,,LOVE? " in a cloud and white signature below ,, love is for the living." On the second shoe is a skeleton smoking a cigarette. On the back of each shoe, the seam appears white pattern. These shoes are cute and very comfortable.
-The fashion for wearing handkerchiefs, arafats, scarves, it's very wise and healthy fashion. My favorite way to protect your neck from the wind is to wear scarves. Mine is dark violet in a black box, and the sides hang little fringe. This beautiful handkerchief is also very warm, so I wear it very often.

To już wszystko ;) Mam nadzieję, że nie ma błędów, jeśli są to przepraszam i liczę na naj ;)