"Because it is usually so begins"
a look at an instant moment
infatuation with a word
emerald and the world explodes

Her eyes are the color of the sky
It sees the hero in him
enchantment with the explosion of feelings
so it looked infatuation

Spring discovered their passions
opalało favoring summer of love
Autumn feelings still grow
This winter brought the chill to the heart

He does not see eye emerald
hands to caress it finished
their world has ceased to be cheerful
must wait until next spring
Springtime ! springtime !
What comes to my mind?
what a lovely time !
flowers trees now I can believe !
changes... I am looking forward to change my life
it is time to fly with no fear !

Summer oh !
I am waiting for this time
sun and sea weather that I just want to be alive !
no more worries in my mind
coz We want to relax !

You say autumn
time to walk and think
calm and peace
but no sad days

winter winter !
childrens scream
take your sleight
and have a good time !
play all day it is not a big mistake
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She went fields up juz spring, what she is happy, the sun in itself probably feels flowers nice is scattering croci and snowdrops ukwiecily rivers edges water around is also shimmering grass in the sun is turning green but there where sie a meadow is finishing a silvery voice of the early bird is heard .and what you will call the fact that a summer will approach us now when in the summer the sun is heating everything up quickly he is ripening and on fields on plots in home gardens sunflowers are gleaming as the sun in the cabbage hares are sitting the summer has the cereal crop in hair is standing into ryes silver spikes is breaking fresh field flowers. The autumn nice is dressed entire sprinkled with leaves decorated with fruits now lives between us in the big basket is carrying mushrooms which picked up in the forest in autumn colours the entire world is turning red leaves in the sun are shimmering are turning green are gilding .For you a winter is going through the village in hands is keeping icicles is scattering snowflakes rivers ponds with ice a winter is cramming nice is dressed with muffler the donned dress for her is lighting from a distance itself with silver children can see her.
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