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"Alice in Wonderland" was based on the book of the same title, which was written by Dodgson Lutwidge'a and published in 1865. Novel, as critics argue, is the first such case in the literature that in one text contains a version for both children and adults. Hiding under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll, a professor of mathematics, he hid in his very twisted piece a lot of symbols, ideologies, and also referring to the threads of their lives and experiences.

Both the novel and the full screen version is very magical, the bizarre events. Tim Burton seems to be the perfect director for this kind of adaptation. Although virtually every one of us knows the story, which - recall - is a little changed in the film. In my opinion, this adds only a taste of that production.

Alice comes from a good family, and her father is an English businessman. One day, she follows a white rabbit in a waistcoat, which brings her to a strange hole. He drinks a potion that says "drink me", that makes decreasing. In order to get to eat cake small door that says "Eat me", which gets the key and enters a realm where the dream associated with wakefulness, and the word of a fairy tale takes on an entirely new meaning.

Filming is a very charming story, which unfortunately (like most of Burton's production) will not come to the multitude of the youngest viewers. The fable has long since returned to his old original, which ceased to be a new story for children. Films such as "Pan's Labyrinth," "Where the Wild Things Are" and "Parnassus" prove that the youngest viewers were cut off from film fiction, but still can be seen in the positive aspects. Thanks to this film because the genre goes on a completely different level. The world depicted in Tim Burton's production is dark, strange or even sick and insanely dangerous. Live in it both scary and very appealing character. Mad Hatter and Cheshire Cat makes our heart vibrates, and even the soul wants to leave the body. Speaking Cat - the director gave him a masterwork of the characteristics of the "Almighty."

The acting does not require any more comment, because it is a true masterpiece, in addition dopieszczonym electrifying music and restless, skompnowaną by the brilliant Danny Elfman. While watching "Alice in Wonderland" was under the impression that with this film, Doctor Parnassus, or the Joker (with all due respect to these characters, because we really love), it's just a bit tipsy clowns. Indeed, Burton's version is impossible to fully understand, but - while tracking the show - you can sometimes feel just like we were introduced by the director in some mysterious trance.
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