Hi! Welcome on the trip across Poland! We visited in Poland many cool places. First two days we will stay in the Warsaw. Warsaw is Polish capital. We will also visit in the church st. Anna, Jacob, Palace of Culture and Zygmunts monuments. The Warsaw is a ray for history lovers. Next day we will spend in Gdansk. Gdansk is one of the most beautiful cities in the Poland. There're many interesting buildings, pubs, restaurants, clubs and shops. We will spend night in the wonderfull resort Moris laid over the sea. Next beautiful city of Poland is Kraków. We will tour Wawel - the home of legendary dragon, University Jagielloński and church. Next day we will stay at Toruń. In this city was born Mikołaj Kopernik- author theory heliocentric. We will tour his home and we go to Zakopane. The last stop on our tour is Zakopane- beautiful city in Polish Mountains. We go to Sea Eye and we tour memorial in Zakopane. On end we will enter on Gubałówka and we will to admire beautiful views of Zakopane. And now, We will become to home.