Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
3. Powinno być
2) Venice isn't as busy as New York
3) London is more expensive than Budapest
4) Sydney is less crowder than Tokyo
5) Eidinb. is more lively than Cardiff
6) LA is not as dirty as Detroit.
4. 3) Mexico is more polluted than Rome
4) London is not as hot as Cair
5) Zur. is not as crowded as Bombay
6) Paris is more exciting than Swindon
7) Berlin is more expensive than Moscow
8) Helsinki is colder than Madrid.
5. polluted - clean
boring - interesing
unfriendly - friendly
noisy - quiet
stressful - relaxing
cheap - expensive
crowded - quiet
1. The city is more stressful than the country
2. The city is more expensive than the country
3. The city is more crowded than the country
4. The country is safer than the city
5. The country is more friendly than the city
6. The country is more interesing than the city
safe - dangerous