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My favourite day is Saturday. I wake up at 9 o'clock and I took shower. A 10 o'clock I ate my breakfast. Later on I went shopping. I came back home at 13.45. At 2 o'clock i ate lunch. After lunch I watched TV. Later on I was studying for history test. At 5.30 o'clock my friend visited me and we went to the cinema. The movie started at 6 and finished at 8.15. At 9 we went home on the bus. I come back home 9.45 I washed myself and went to bed.
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On Mondays I Play computer games
My mum cooks dinner and Dad works
My Sister does Homework
My Brtoher watches tv

Jak chcesz to mozesz dac sobie np dwie soostry tub 2 braci jak chcesz
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