On August I was with my best friend Basia in Krynica Morska. This is very beautiful city, which is situated on peninsula Helskim among Gdańska Gulf and our sea.
We had a week of brilliant sunshine weather. It was warm.
We were going to the beach every day, where we swam in the sea and we sunbathed. In the afternoon we organised trips to get to knew neighbourhoods. One day we went to Gdańsk, where we had great time. We visited old city.
The food was delicious. We ate a lot of fishes. Especially ell.
We lived in nice house near beach. Our room was lovely. House stood on hill, from balcony we could see sea, dune and lighthouse.
Local people were friendly and kind to us. I met many interesting people, among other things Kasia Kowalska.
In next year I will come here with Basia and I don't represent me that I would can to find better place than Krynica Morska.
I think you should come here with us next year, you won't regret. All of the time I and Basia spent wonderful. It was not speech about boredom. You mustgo with us here in next year, you will make sure alone!

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