Prime Minister's debut album always brings with it great expectations, especially when it singles refer to promote a huge worldwide success. Such works without a doubt, we can include Do not Stop, Killer 2000, and a breakthrough in the entire past and future career while single ATB 9PM (Till I Come). Movin 'Melodies is no longer premier album released under his own banner solo by Andre, who takes us in a completely different, hitherto unknown dimension of electronic music styles associated with the edge appears to dance and techno.

The very beginning of the tracks in the form of The First Tones and Emotion indicates that they are very relaxing sound. With typical chilloutowym melodies can be found in subsequent works, Underwater World, Obsession, and surrounded by the romantic sound of the waves Beach Vibes. Their sound can move us through the eyes of imagination on the tropical, hot uninhabited islands, lying somewhere in the distant ocean. In turn, the time to listen to our listening experience Sunburn lead in paradise in the regions of Brazil Copacabana Beach in Rio De Janeiro. Nor can we forget about the typical sounds faster Disc Jokeyów species. These positions will meet in Too Much Rain or title Movin 'Melodies.

If you are concerned about traveling can not fail to mention the My Dream. Styles Sounds used in this work take us to distant areas of the Far East, somewhere in the regions of Thailand, or the flourishing cherry country. Certainly, frequent travel around the world and broaden their horizons have a significant influence on the composition as the original electronic melodies by ATB. Of course, the album will find the gems that have never been issued in the form of music videos to a wider audience. In our opinion the number one in this respect is Kayama.

Remix album is the culmination of the biggest single in the form of ATB 9PM (Till I Come) (Signum Mix) who really started it all. Movin 'Melodies album is unique, just in time for the perfect culmination of the passing of relaxation. It is here that the distinctive style was born of ATB, which later became recognizable around the world. In later editions appeared even unwritten tradition of adding a second, far more instrumental album. Perhaps it is a reference to the debut Movin 'Melodies. It was thanks to him we can know the second, much less club and also a very interesting face of the artist
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