Sprawdź błędy . Nie piszcie mi tylko tłumaczeń ani niczego w tym stulu. Wystarczy tylko wskazać i poprawić błędy. (Nie patrzcie na to że to jest takie długie, większośc to nazwy własne miejsce)

My favourite city
It is very hard to choose only one favourite place, but I think it would be “the city of hundred towers” - Prague. I’ve been to this city many times and those trips were awesome.
Prague, with over 1.9 million inhabitants, is the largest and capital city of Czech Republic. It’s located at the mouth of the Vltava River. I would recommend this place not only for people, who want to see lots of monuments, spend time in charming café and restaurants but also for “shopaholics” and persons, who like parties and clubs.
See the sights in Prague
If you are in this wonderful town you should visit a few site. The main places are Old Town with The Astronomical Clock and lovely Old Town Square, well-known Charles Bridge with over thirty old-fashioned statues, one of the biggest castles in the world, gorgeous Prague Castle and of course monumental Saint Vitus's Cathedral.
Cultural Prague
This charming town is one of the cultural centers of Europe, so if you have artistic soul you should visit National Theatre, Estates Theatre, The Rudolfinum and The Municipal House . I think you won’t be disappointed.
Shopping in Prague
In Prague there are lots of shopping centers, malls, etc. The biggest and most famous shopping street is Prikope Street. But if you are looking for something different you should visit Prague souvenir shops around the Old Town Square. In this little stalls you will find wooden toys, porcelain figurines, models of famous Prague sights and of course postcards. Apart from that, in Prague you can visit many luxury shops and stores with traditional Bohemia crystal glass.
Clubbing in Prague
If you enjoy going to restaurants and pubs or having fun with your friends you should definitely visit this capital city. In Prague there are lots of unbelievable pubs and clubs, like Cross Club Prague, Cloud 9 Club Prague or Roxy Club. I promise you will be satisfied.

Prague is an amazing place. I fell in love with it at the first time we have met. If you want to go somewhere for your holidays, go to Prague.



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