Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My dream is to go to USA by plane. Sometimes when i am waching Hollywood`s films i close my eyeas and I dream that I am for eample in New York. If I go to USA at first i would like to visit Miami and relax on beaches. Then i am going Las Vegas to play in casino. I am going spend half of my pocket money in the biggest cassino in Las Vegas.Then I am going to Hollywood to see some stars. After that I am going to New York to do the shopping in the most known shops. I think I would stay in USA i the rest of my live.
I dream of French Polynesia. It can be found in the Pacific Ocean. It is a beautiful place! Sunny and warm there, so much fruit you can eat. The sea is very clean the fish you can catch in your hands. Everywhere the smell of vanilla. People do not use watches. In this place I'll fly the aircraft.
Sądze, że dziwnie byłoby pisać coś takiego w czasie Present Continous, więc pewnie chodziło Ci o czas Present Simple:

This summer i want to go on holiday to the Italy. I think that this is really great place to visit because there is hot and the are many beautiful things to sightsee (zwiedzać). There is also a sea, so I want to go there. It was also really great place in the past.